Looking after our environment

The Grange  Country House enjoys a lovely elevated position on the outskirts of  Keswick.  The property was built in  around 1850, there have been various extensions and modifications since this  time but the property remains a fine example of a large Victorian home.  Now operating as a Country Guest House, we  have 7 letting bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities together with a guest lounges, a dining room and an outside terrace.

We enjoy  our beautiful surroundings and are committed to protecting them, by seeking and  implementing practices which reduce waste and conserve energy, we also  recognise that we have a responsibility to communicate this issue to our guests.  We aim to minimise our environmental impact through the following policies:

  • To audit, identify and monitor the significant environmental impacts of our activities.
  • To develop methods of reducing our environmental impact.
  • To comply with relevant legislation and regulations, relating to our environmental impact.
  • To prevent pollution and minimise our inputs of utilities and resources. We will endeavour to reduce our carbon emissions, reduce waste to disposal facilities and recycle wherever possible.
  • To communicate our policy, ensure it is understood by our staff and that appropriate information is given to our guests
  • To reduce food miles; buying local, seasonal produce wherever possible and to encourage our suppliers to adopt a responsible approach to environmental issues.
  • To support overseas trade and communities by buying produce from Fair Trade sources.
  • To work with local organisations and government bodies to communicate, co-operate, lobby and respond to environmental issues.
  • To achieve continual improvements in our environmental performance.

Steps We are Currently Taking

Recycling and composting: All of our juice cartons, plastic and glass bottles, paper and card are recycled. We have a composting system for any raw food peelings, coffee grounds, teabags and eggshells and all green waste from the garden.

A recycling bin is in the lobby half way up the stairs. Please pop any of your recyclables in here for us to sort.

Reducing food miles: We try to reduce food miles as much as we can and have a policy of buying our milk, yoghurts, free-range eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding and as many miscellaneous items as possible from local producers. There is an emphasis upon seasonal products.

Protecting producers overseas: We are members of the Keswick Fair Trade Group and buy Fair Trade goods whenever we can. We are proud and supportive of the positive effect that this organisation and their accreditation system has on producers and their environment in the third world.

Energy efficiency:

  • We ask you to let us know which towels you would like to be replaced by popping them in the bath or shower if they need changing and leaving them on the towel rail or radiator if you’d be happy to re-use them. We reduce tumble drying by ‘pegging out’ our clean towels to dry every day that the sun is out!
  • We have replaced most traditional light bulbs with low energy replacements.
  • Electric showers have now been installed in most bedrooms. This will reduce wasted water in achieving constant flow and adequate temperature.
  • We have begun to introduce systems which reduce heat loss, such as double glazing. Six of the large old windows have now been replaced with top quality double glazed units. This work is ongoing.

Protecting and enhancing the environment: We are members of the Tourism and Conservation Partnership which works with local tourism businesses to encourage our visitors to contribute towards protecting and enhancing this lovely landscape. This year we are raising funds to support their ‘Fix the Fells’ work. We would be grateful if you would consider making a contribution towards the work of the Tourism and Conservation Partnership – there is a collection box in the lobby – alternatively you can make a contribution and gift-aid it via your bill.

Use of biodegradable chemicals: Almost all of our cleaning agents are neutral detergents and we use as little as possible. We do not use aerosol sprays for any of our cleaning products.  In order to protect our Lakes we use non-bio phosphate free washing powder.

Community Involvement: Local organisations we work with in order to achieve an Environmental Policy and influence local policy include:

  • Keswick Fair Trade initiative
  • Tourism and Conservation Project
  • Cumbria Business Environment Network
  • Local Agenda 21
  • Allerdale Borough Council

Future Developments: In the future, we will use the skills of qualified environmental assessors, together with our own investigations of new technologies and suggestions from both staff and guests in order to continually reduce our carbon emissions and reduce our environmental impact.